Davenport Orchards & Winery

Wines We Make

First, a note about sweetness-- we make wines with different levels of sweetness, measured as percent residual sugar. This measurement doesn't mean much away from the wine, because sweetness is in the mouth of the beholder, so we've used a simple key to designate sweetness: VS (very sweet), S (sweet), D (dry-- the opposite of sweet), OD (off dry -- dry, with a touch of sweetness).

Some of our wines have lived in a barrel (yes, we use real American oak barrels made in Lebanon, MO). We designate these as "barrel aged" or "barrel fermented" and they will have the characteristic oak flavors and "pucker" associated with oak exposure, as well as a better structure for subsequent bottle aging once purchased.

Because our wines are made from fresh Kansas grown grapes and fruit, availability can vary. If you have a favorite, it is wise to call ahead to verify we have it in stock. The following is a list of all the wines we make, all from our own grapes or fruit unless otherwise noted.

Sweet Fruit Wines

Dry Red Grape Wines

Sweet Red Grape Wines

Dry White Grape Wines

Sweet White Grape Wines

Sweet Blush or Rose' Wines**

Sparkling Wines